Endless application guide

Read which classes we are recruiting at the moment and learn how to make an application.
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Endless application guide

Post#1 » Fri Feb 20, 2009 7:16 pm

This is the Endless application guide, please follow all instructions.
Also feel free to copy and paste the form layout into your application thread.

Basic Requirements

1.Talents Specialized for your PvE role.

2. Quality Gear, fully enchanted and best possible gems.

3. Be the original owner and the person who leveled and geared the character(s) that you will play on.

4. Be availible for the majority of our raids. (See raid times below.)

Application & Recruitment Procedure

Step 1: Fill out an application on this page: Endless Application. Remember the more information you can give us the better -.

Step 2: You will be notified in game by an officer if we will be interested in inviting you to our guild.

Additional Notes

1. Do not register for the website until you have been accepted into the guild. It creates additional workload for our website administrators.

2. Do not pester our officers to get an invite to the guild or for immediate responses to your applications. The forums are regularly checked, so do not worry we will get to yours in due time.

3. Endless raids on Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday from 7:30 to 10.30 pm server time, max 4 raids per week, but we do expect applicants to consider all raid days/times when applying. As a PvE guild, it is expected that you will come to raids when you are on-line and attempt to make most raids, or at least 50% of raids.


Name, Spec, Class

Part I :
Basic Personal Information


2. Age:

3. Location / Time Zone:

4. Time(s) of day we can find you on WoW:

5. Does your playtime change throughout the year? Be specific.

Part II :
Basic Character Information


2. Race:

3. Class:

4. Are you the original owner and player of this character and the account this character is on?

5. Have you played under any other name or on old characters that people may know you from?

6.Do you share this account with anyone else? (Sibling, spouse, friend, etc.)

Talent Specialization:

1. Basic overview of your gear and the stats relevant for your class.

2. [Please provide an Armory Link] Be Logged out in your best PvE Gear.

3. If you are currently not using your PvE Spec, link to a talent calculator that shows it.

4.Do you ever spec to fill a different PvE Role (Tanking, Healing, DPS) then the one your are applying with? (This applies mostly to Shamans, Druids, Warriors, Priests, Paladins)

5.If so, how much do you enjoy that spec, and how comfortable are you with it in a raid situation?

6. Please provide combat log on World Of Logs or similar web site

Part III :

1. What bosses did you kill in Burning Crusade, pre 3.0? Name of your main character in TBC ?

2. What bosses did you kill in Burning Crusade, post 3.0?

3. What bosses did you kill in WotlK ?

Part IV :
Player History & General Information

1.What guilds have you been in, positions held, and length of membership?

2.Why are you leaving your current guild / why did you leave your last guild?

3.Have you recently applied to any other guilds or do you currently have applications open with any other guilds? If so, what guilds?
(Rejection from another guild will not necessarily mean rejection from Endless, but lying to us about where you have app'ed to is ground for removal from the guild.)

4.What brought your attention to Endless?

5.Do you know any Endless members?

6.Do you understand what DKP is and how it works?

7.What functions of your class are you particularly skilled at or proud of?

Part V :

1.Approximately what percentage of our raids will you be able to make weekly? (Assume all 4 raid days. Do account for arriving late and leaving early! If you will always have to leave the raid 1 hour early, you can't make 100% of raids - you can make 66%)

Part VI :
Additional Comments

1.Add your own comments here, feel free to expand on other answers, tell us more about yourself or anything else you may wish to add.

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Re: Endless application guide

Post#2 » Mon Mar 22, 2010 2:05 am


1. Does it make the forum moderators happy if I write my name, class and spec in the topic name?

Yes, very <3.

1.2 Is it worth applying to Endless if I'm not fully epic geared?

It depends on the item, of course. "Epic" is an item quality not a <This item rox>-trademark. Generally showing that you know which gear your class needs is the most important, hence there's also a question allowing you to express which items in your equipment you're most unhappy with. Wearing an epic item if there are better rare items for that slot does not help. But on the other hand you're expected to be able to participate in our raids with your current gear without needing "gearing up".

1.3 Is it worth applying to Endless if I'm not fully enchanted/gemmed?

No, not really. Your gear reflects the time and effort you put into raiding.

1.4 Does this mean it is a good idea to write "EPIC <class>" in my thread name or add what my highest execute crit was?


2 If I'm an alt or recently rerolled, should I mention that in the raiding experience question, presume you don't care or hope you don't notice it?

Mention it. It does have some influence on how your application will be viewed, but not mentioning it can be the sole reason for being rejected. Trying to hide information gives the impression you really have something to hide.
Also, adding your previous characters might give our members a better chance to comment on (hopefully good) experiences with you, if you only just rerolled it's somewhat unlikely that our members happened to meet you and know your new character.

3. My application suddenly disappeared from the forum, what happened?

It was moved to our private forum to be discussed by our members. Please do not post it again unless you have something to add, and in that case make sure you make us aware that it's version 2 (or more...) to avoid confusion.

3.1 How long will it take before I get an answer?

It varies a lot and depends on how sure we are we need the class, the spec and on how many people know you/have seen you around. Remember it's a dialogue between our members and we need time to check it out and reply.
It most likely takes a week at least, so don't worry when a few days pass and you still didn't get a reply, it's simply necessary in order to treat all applications in a sensible manner.

4 Does making long answers gives me a higher chance of getting accepted?

To a certain degree, yes. You do not benefit from keeping out important information because you're in a hurry. Just like you don't benefit from leaving typos or other mistakes. However adding random things without relevance might bore the reader and give a bad impression.

4.1 Is it ok to skip a question, if I found it difficult to answer or silly/useless?

We cannot force you to answer, but it might result in your application not even being considered. The questions are there because we consider the information important. Leaving a question unanswered is to pull away some of the information that could get you in.

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